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Which Is The Best Sport?

By Yer V.
Montana, Age 13

What sport do you like? There are so many sports in the world. Thereís football, soccer, tennis, snowboarding, skiing, Track and Field, etc. But which sport is really the best? Nobody knows itís just an opinion. You could like as many sports in the world but there is always one you like best!
Sports were created by the ancient Greeks long ago, but it is still used today!!! Sports keep you healthy and strong. There are many places you can participate in sports like at your school, clubs, YMCA which stands for (Youth Menís Christian Association) etc.
Below is a survey that this news reporter did with students at a local Jr. High and they all answered which sport was their favorite. As you can see all these students picked one of their favorite sports according to their own opinion! Every sport is chosen wisely!! There is not just one favorite.