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What do you do?

By Gianna V.
New Jersey, Age 9

Did you ever wonder about how many hobbies there are in the world? Well if you read thi you are going to find out ...

There are over 50 different hobbies that people can play.They are from ages 1 year old to 125 years old.Anyone can do them all though some are more outrages then others, and that true.

Here are some of the wierdest and most outrages hobbies that thier are...

Like hang glideing and wind surfing...parachuting and bungee jumping and the highst of all, hot air balloning too.If you think those are cool then do them!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are going onto the coolest hobbies of all time. So lets go onto number uno!!!!

The number one coolest hobbie in the world by opinion of course, is Aquariam life.Number two is parachuting and number three is world-wide reefers!!!! number four is ... Texas reptiles!Number five is Hermit Crab care!!!

(Only if you want it to be because Those are just some really wierd yet cool hobbies)

I hope you have enjoyed my artical
on hobbies... so now go and get a hobbie!!!