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Things I Like To Do With Nature

By Bailie L.
California, Age 12

I like to go outside in my backyard to see all the nature around me. The trees the plants and of course, my dogs. I also have a little pond in my backyard that is good for nature. It's good for nature because the birds can take bird baths and of course to just look beautiful. When i go in my backyard I take some rocks and put them in a little tub of water. Then i shake the rocks around. After they are clean i dump them back into the pond. Nature is like a piece of me. It is the best thing anybody has ever known. Whoever thought of nature must have been an ecologist. My teacher told me if you don't win something when your like a painter or a collector of things, you will find something else to grow up to be. When I see all kinds of plants in my backyard, I start to feel excited. The kind of nature I like talking about is plants. The plants and flowers I have in my backyard are pink roses. And also flowers that look like pom-poms. And sometimes I pick a few roses, put them in a cup of water, and give them to my mom. The other thing is the dogs we have. One of my dogs are really crazy and my other one is swift and always walks slow. So some parts of life are nature. Some plants can also give off oxygen. When you see a plant, don't pick at it or pull it out of the ground. Because it might have oxygen. When you breathe in air from a plant your breathing in oxygen. When you breathe out, your breathing out carbon-dioxide. So I have told you a lot about nature. And since I am just in the 6th grade that's all I really know. So that is the things I like to do with nature. And you can do it to.