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Turkey Fun has Just Begun.

By Blaise W.
California, Age 12

When we all sit down at the table on Thanksgiving Day, and start digging in, have you ever wondered how Thanksgiving ever started? Yes, we all know the Pilgrims sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in the famous Vessel, the Mayflower, and met Indians, and they all had a feast, but I bet there is more about Thanksgiving that you still haven't uncovered yet. Let me start by saying that the Pilgrims did sail in the Mayflower, a cargo ship at that time. The ship departed out of Plymouth in 1620. Halfway to their destination at sea, a violent storm hit the Mayflower and caused an overthrown man, a leak, and a crack in a beam. Shortly after, all those cases were solved. Finally land was seen, because the Pilgrims arrived in Newfoundland. While they stopped in Newfoundland the Pilgrims picked up some fresh water and supplies. Eventually the Pilgrims landed in Plimoth on November 11 finishing a 65 day voyage. After arriving in Plimoth, the Pilgrims built 7 houses for meeting places. Now they had shelter, the Pilgrims needed to hunt for their food. Pilgrim women roasted duck over fire, and Pilgrim children grounded corn into samp, which is like a porridge. The Pilgrims were not the only people living in Plimoth at that time. Massasoit, the Indian Wampanoag leader, has lived in Plimoth, along with his tribe, before the Pilgrims settled in. Massasoit sent his men to hunt deer, for a gift for the Pilgrims. Soon the Pilgrims met the Indians and both groups became friends, and held a big feast. Now here's a shocker. During the feast, the two groups didn't eat turkey, mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce. Instead, they ate duck, venison, seafood, cabbage, onions, corn, and squash. Between meals, both Pilgrims and Indians played games, such as target shooting, singing, dancing, and some games of each culture.
Now that you know more about this famous holiday, next year maybe you'll have duck as your main dish.