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Ebenezer Scrooge begins a fresh start

By Nicole H.
Michigan, Age 13

In London, England, a once bitter man named Ebenezer Scrooge, claimed he has changed his once appalling ways ever since December 25th, Christmas day. In the past, Scrooge has treated people very poorly, such as making his employees work on Christmas day, and making people feel like oafs because of what he says, but now he says he has changed and he is a better person. Most people ask how this miraculous change happened. Scrooge claims that he saw his past, present, and future through three ghosts. That is how he realized the negative consequences of his selfish lifestyle. Scrooge says, “I saw the ghost of my dead business partner, Jacob Marley. He was in chains because he said it was a punishment for sins. Marley told me that I would be visited by three spirits in the next three nights. Sure enough, the next night at one o’clock in the morning, I saw a strange figure that looked like a child, but also like an old man. The figure had white hair that hung down its neck and back, yet didn’t have one wrinkle on its face. Its arms and hands were very muscular and its legs and feet were very fragile and delicately formed. It wore a white tunic dressed with summer flowers and it had green holly held in hand. This was the ghost of Christmas past. We both flew out of the window and went countryside where I was raised. We walked alongside a familiar road. I saw myself at my school when I was younger. I was neglected by my friends. I also saw myself at many Christmases, standing around with no one to talk to. I saw when my former fiancée, Belle, broke off our engagement. I saw when my sister came to talk to me. I saw many things that today, break my heart. I told the ghost I wanted to see no more of this, and I was back in my bedroom. The next night, I got a visit from the ghost of Christmas present. This spirit was dressed in a green robe with white fur. It had dark brown curls. When the spirit ordered me to touch his robe, I did what I was told and everything vanished. We appeared in a busy city on Christmas morning and I saw many people walking on the streets saying hello and merry Christmas to one another. I saw the Cratchit family having a good time on Christmas night. They were happy just to be with their families. The spirit says to me what I had said to him earlier. The spirit asks me if there are any prisons or workhouses. The ghost of Christmas present disappears, and a phantom was coming toward me. The phantom was dressed in all black, covering his face and body. The figure approached me and I kneeled asking if it was the ghost of Christmas past. The figure nodded. I saw two men walking talking about a rich man who died and they were wondering who was going to go to the funeral. I couldn’t figure out who they were talking about. The spirit took me over to an alley where the Cratchit’s were mourning over Tiny Tim’s death. There was a casket with someone carelessly put onto it, but I refused to look. The spirit took me over to the churchyard after I begged to know who the dead man was. The spirit points to a grave with my name on it. After I saw this, I promised to honor Christmas. I trembled, the spirit’s robe shrinks and collapses. I open my eyes and find myself in my own bed. I asked a boy what day it was and he said Christmas day, so I paid him to deliver a turkey to the Cratchit home. After the spirits visited me, I realized that I should not be as greedy as I once was.” Many people may think that this experience is impossible for anyone, and maybe it isn’t, but Ebenezer Scrooge has experienced something amazing and he has changed, in body and soul.