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Pipe Break Affects Thousands

By Julie Y.
Maryland, Age 11

Many Costumers From Reistertown had little or no water coming from their taps. At least 100,000 businesses and homes lost their water service Saturday after a large break in the water pipes.A major loss of water occurred from a pipe break on March 6,2010.Mr Kurt Kocher,a spokesman for the Baltimore City public work department,told many people that it is ok to have a drink of water,wash your hands, and flush toilets but not to run washing machines,dishwashers,or large amounts of water.Officials are handling the problem by trying to locate the point of break.Kurt Kocher says that the water ran into a nearby stream and there was thankfully, no flooding. Later,Saturday night,officials were still unsure when the water would be restored to homes and businesses and how long the repairs would take. Fixing the problem will be complicated because the broken portion ran under a stream in a steep section of woods.
A lot of people have a shortage of water and water is a very important part of our lives and we need it to survive