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''Gang Slingers'' in America

By Hailey N.
Washington, Age 14

Exactly early before two thirty a.m., Saturday morning, Rosemary Flores was tragically found after being shot, which the Fort Worth Police believe to be a gang related incident. The thirty nine year old woman was located on her porch as she went outside on her porch to investigate the popping noise coming from outside. After an hour of being shot, Rosemary Flores died in the John Peter Smith Hospital. Analyzing young Rosemary, police figured that a drive-by shooting was the cause of her death. With the recent killing of a sixteen year old boy, along with three other victims severely injured, the Fort Worth Police have been investigating in search for the armed gang.

“The toll of death rates involved with gang related violence has been the cause of guns. Statistics say that, “eight U.S kids die each day in a gun related incident, which sums up to 3,024 kids a year.” The number one problem in America is kids having the usage of firearms. I believe that one of the reasons kids are having the usage of firearms in their possession is that more frequent illegal dealers are allowing teens to be one of the many customers to purchase a firearm. In order for a firearm dealer t sell guns in market they must own a license in order to sell in the United States. Then there is what is called, “secondary market,” were the dealer is unlicensed and is generally selling guns to youth, which causes a risk of being involved in homicide. “Homicide rates in the United States are two to four percent higher then they are in countries that are economically and politically similar to it.” Innocent lives are spent every other day because of the out of control use of guns. In the few years, a decrease has occurred in the age of eighteen to twenty four years. As for the age group of seventeen year olds to people in their early twenties, the percentage of homicides has largely stayed the same and are up to seventy percent. Director of the Justice Policy Institution in Washington, Vincent Schirald, replies by saying, “its nuts to think that kids are any crazier than they ever were before,” and goes on to say, “I think they’re just better armed.” Teens handling firearms is more of a concern than regular gang violence, causing many federal and state organizations to control the rates of firearm use in many gang related incidents. Rosemary Flores was one to suffer, experiencing death because teens are using weapons to eliminate those of gang activity or civilians who happened to be at the wrong spot at the wrong time. Homicides involving armory has increased over seventy five percent since 2005. Laws need to be put into perspective. Innocent lives will be taken each day with the one shot of a bullet as long as long as nothing is done to prevent the unenviable.
Victim Rosemary Flores found bleeding to death with bullet holes in her body has shown the concern of the community of Fort Worth, allowing police to say, “Everyday, it’s a different ordeal,” with the other three civilians who were found severely injured and many others in the past and present found dead or injured. The patterns of similar incidents has allowed federal organizations to come to protect and find better ways of protecting the town’s people of Fort Worth.