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Children Voting for President

By Chelsea W.
Kentucky, Age 6

The previous debate between the two best known candidates of this year's Presidential Election (George.W.Bush, All Gore) will be told to you in the eyes of the people that can't vote, the children. Lately in my Social Studies class we have been discussing the election, I really got interested and asked the children in my neighborhood who they wouldd vote for. The magority of them said they would vote for George Bush. I asked them why they would vote for him, I got answers like my family is voting for him, but the best one I heard was from Lyndsey H., she said she would vote for him because she liked his ideas for if he were to be President. I had to agree he does have a few good ones. Later on a friend of mine asked every one on our bus who they would vote for Bush was the reply to most of them also. So if it were up to the children of London, Kentucky, George.W.Bush would win the election.