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By Kaitlyn I.
Nebraska, Age 13

What happens to all those animals who people are wearing? They are tortured, and driven insane. People need to stop the madness. Fur is dead.

Animals such as dogs, cats, animals all over the world, are tortured on Fur Farms. What have these animals ever done to you? Nothing!! They are helpless and they can’t defend themselves.

Every where around the World, these Fur Farms are being cruel to these animals. All over the internet you can find tapes of this in action. There are also many people that know about this, and you can ask them about it.

“I think it is mean and wrong”, said Marie. Bernice,” It bothers me a ton.” Blondie,” It’s mean and sad.” Mahlena,” We should skin people instead.” “I don’t know why people would do such a thing,” said Red.

People might do it for money, to have a job, to get fur, and sometimes just to torture the poor little animals. People that wear fur should know the whole story before they buy the fur.

There are many ways to help stop the Fur Farms from torturing animals. You could go online to and sign the pledge to be fur free. You can also help people spread the word about animal cruelty. If they can’t talk for themselves, who is going to be there voice?