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Haunted or Not?

By Austin B.
Montana, Age 14

Have you ever been out on a cold fall night and seen that big orange moon sneaking up on you? Have you ever been scared to walk outside because of this? Well there is no reason to be scared and this is why.
The moon doesnít turn orange because of an old saying or because it is Halloween, it turns orange because of the particles in the atmosphere. During the beginning of fall, the farmers are plowing and tilling their fields. All of this dirt floats into the atmosphere and blocks your clear view of the moon. So as the moon is coming up, you have to look through twice as much atmosphere in order to see it compared to when the moon is in the sky. That is how we got the term harvest moon. When there are fewer particles in the air, the moon looks white. So the moon isnít changing colors, the atmosphere is changing. Since there are always particles in the atmosphere and not just in fall, the moon can appear as different colors at all times of the year.
As you can see, the moon is not haunted at all. It appears to be different colors due to the atmosphere, not old sayings and Halloween. So you donít have to worry about the moon this Halloween.