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In Remembrance.......

By Adenike A.
Florida, Age 12

On Wednesday, September 28 a candle light vigil was held for Shannon G., a High School Junior. Hundreds of students gathered in the gym to remember her life.
Tears and smiles were seen all around. A picture of Shannon was hung in the center if a stage surrounded by fourteen lit candles and colorful flower bouquets.
Mr Hunsinger, the principal, started off the night with a speech about life and Shannon as a part of it. Friends stood on the stage and shared their memories and talked about the influence Shannon had on their lives. Tamera M. dedicated and sang Mariah Carey's ''One Sweet Day''. Joe A. sang a song entitled ''I Miss You'', which he had planned to sing to Shannon to rekindle their relationship. Shannon's parents expressed their gratitude and appreciation of the kindness shown to them during this tragic time. The night ended with the releasing of balloons in rememberance of Shannon G.