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Destination Healthy

By Annie S.
Colorado, Age 15

Candy Bars, bubble gum, ice cream, and pastries all food that is described by the average American. Is it healthy? They ask themselves before taking a bite. Maybe just one more piece of the treat is a common feeling while eating. According to Mountain View High School physical education/health teacher Mr. Klatt. Being healthy is a lifestyle itís a choice.

Mr. Klatt feels that being healthy isnít just a good thing for yourself but your setting examples for teenagers and kids. Getting healthy tends to scare people because of the time and dedication it takes. But according to Mr. Klatt the hardest part of getting healthy is getting started, by simply changing your diet your opening doors to the next step. If itís by walking for 30 minutes everyday or going to the gym to run on the treadmill. At least get out and do something that you enjoy that is also healthy for your body too.

Mr. Klatt also believes that a young teenager in high school is harder to stay healthy because of all of the other decisions they have to make on peer pressure and all of the drinking and smoking around them. Mr. Klatt openly told us that ď kids that drink cant control themselves and they get way to out of hand, once you start you cant stop. Your body has that taste of alcohol you just want more. It goes for smoking also, that nicotine starts to take over your body and you become addicted. It would just be a smarter idea to keep away of the average teenage life.Ē
This interview with Mr. Klatt really opened my eyes to how scary decisions made now are really going to affective your life later on down the road. And that staying healthy is very important for your body.