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Comparing two movies – Troy and 300

By Chang joon K.
South Korea, Age 15

How many of you like to watch movies and how often do you watch movies? Watching movies is now one of the most necessary leisure activities for everyone. I am going to contrast between two movies contemporary in order to discuss the merits, limitations and its impact on the audience.

The movies are “Troy” and “300” and they were popular movies. Basically both of them are based on old history, of the Greek period. They are all about the war story between Sparta and Persia. Even though both movies show the same story, it has a different point of view.

First of all, Troy was made about 4~5 years ago. In this period, no one could expect that the war movie, Troy would give a good performance. It was new to the audience and also it was so violent. Unlike what people thought, it became one of the most unforgettable movies all over the world. The story was nothing but it was all about Trojan horse which was an idea to destroy the Greeks. Although the movie tried to show astonishing action, sadly, they show the limitation of the movie in some scenes.

On the other hand, “300” was shown last year in the theater. It was sort of a war movie like Troy. Although it showed more amazing and spectacular action in every single scene, it was not realistic compared to Troy. For example, the fight between warriors with swords and shield was not convincing.

Though each movie has advantages and limitations, they are among the most memorable movies in the world. Besides, I would like you to watch both movies and compare them.