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Homeless true story

By Alexis G.
Tennessee, Age 14

Hi my name is michelle harver i was famous back the day until i spent all my money and then the worst after that i went bankroupt and my agent left me as in droped me. i started my carrer when i was 19 now im 23 years old i used to have and apartment but i got kicked out now im out side living in a card board box people walk by me and look at the person i used to be well here is my story

well[ here she comes singer actor writer mother and producer michelle harver o god im tired michelle time for you to go on stage in 15 mins okay right here thats agent coby now i have a child but she lives with her daddy because i dont have any money to take care of her. do its just me my mother lives down the street i would go stay with her but i would have to explain my self and i dont have time for that but um anyway she,s old shes about 42 years old my father lives in atlanta ga they divorced in 1992 when i was 3 years old

my mothers is alone but shes a docter shes been making good money since i was a baby with or with out my father shes better my mother shes been looking for me every since that day i went broke but i wont explain my self to her i have to get my self together and im going to get my baby back her name is sally ane harver here is my story i dont want to be homeless i want to be better. i really want a better life job and i want a car house and a nother job i want to become michelle harver