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Going to school in France

By Muhsin T.
Pakistan, Age 8

IN France schools there are really fun clubs like badminton and fencing and ballet and ping pong.When you do a science lesson you get to where laboraty coats and you get to go outside evreyday when you do a science lesson all the time.At break time in french schools they get to play football and basket ball and ping pong and badmiton and they get to play fighting.At lunch time they have a free course meal and they get to choose there own food and they get to have two and ahalf hours playing at lunchtime.At literacy they have to lern englishwich they absouloutly hate alot.When the last person comes to school they have to shut the gates softly.At register time they don't call there teachers MRS but they call there teachers present but in French and they have to that everyday.There French teachers know alot of English.There are lots of signs in French schools.By Muhsin .