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The Power of Devastation

By Abi S.
Washington, Age 14

What if that was your life which was stolen in the January 12, 2010 Earthquake that struck Haiti in a devastating blow? Imagine having a family with no money, living in a cramped room, with only about 2 small meals a day. Now imagine living with disease and no medicine to cure it. Then imagine having that devastating earthquake and losing everything you had when you really had hardly anything to begin with. Since this event “1.5 million Haitians are without housing” . Those 1.5 million people are living in camps consisting of tents and poor built shelters. According to CNN TV, there will be a deluge of water and wind arriving in Haiti in the form of a hurricane which may cause mud slides. If all those people lost the “houses” for the second time, how would you feel knowing that you had no part in helping Haiti in their helpless position?
In this ravaging event, more than 220,000 people were killed and more that 300,000 people were injured.” . Part of the 220,000 people that were killed did not die right away after the earthquake, some died from lack of immediate medical assistance. As of a month ago, “the Red Cross is providing Iv fluids, oral rehydration salts, antibiotics, first aid kits, chlorine and cholera kits.” . Although the Red Cross and the private, non-profit religious groups are providing for Haiti, why won’t their own government do the same?
The Haitian government may not want to help their dyeing country, but America does. Many people say they’re “good people”, and many say they want to help, but who really takes the extra step and offers necessary help? Some travel to Haiti and become a doctor or a nurse. Some adopt the poor orphans that have been left alone with no one turn to.
Although, if someone has neither the time, nor the ability to serve in the medical position, people help in a huge way by donating money to organizations in Haiti. It may not seem like a little money has such a big impact, but if 100 pennies can make a dollar, than a little money can go a long way.
Almost two years ago my father and brother road planes across Washington all through Florida, until they reached Haiti. They had a check which was worth over 5,000 dollars. Our church had donated the money to Haiti Arise Ministries in Grand-Goave near Port-au-Prince before the horrendous earthquake took place. While my father and brother were there, they witnessed firsthand, their living conditions. Children bathed in drinking water, most of them carried diseases, and people lived under garbage. This is why donating a little money will make such a big difference.
Every person has their calling; everyone has their place and heart that reaches out to those poor lost souls. People should care about other people. Everybody should love, cherish and give to those in need. But no, not “everyone” chooses to operate like this. Not every human cares. Are you going to “operate” like every other person? Or are you going to rise up and do what you can for those poor lost Haitian souls?