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Family Fun Night.

By Eddianne L.
Guam, Age 12

On the month of February, that is when the Family fun night begins. Family fun nights is a purpose for the students and their families to enjoy on that fun night.
There are games, entertainment, food, and Lots of more fun things for you and your families to enjoy. We are having one on Feb 24, 2011.
We sale tickets for some booths, and there will be a few booths accepting only cash. From my experience it would be really fun !
It will be at Chalan Kanoa, in William S. Reyes Elementary School Field. It starts 6:00 and ends 11:00. So if you haven't been to a Family Fun Night before, then you are very welcome on this event.
If you have been to this event already, then share your experience with other people.

*Remember This event is only for one day, so this is the opportunity to get out of your house and come and have fun with friends and your family:)