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Amelia Earhart: Missing Pilot

By Sara P.
Virginia, Age 6

As we all already know, Amelia Earhart is one of the most famous pilots. Though, most of us know little but rumor. Amelia had no interest in flying until she was nearly twenty-years old. She decided that she wanted to be a pilot when a pilot, Frank Hawks, took her on a flight.
'' By the time I had got two or three-hundred feet off of the ground, I knew I had to fly.

But, her most famous flight is when she took off from Miami, Florida, in June, she was only trying to fly around the world, but her life was cut short, when she lost all radio contact over the Howland Island, and disappeared. There are many theory's to what may have happened to her, though, we may never find out the true story, of Amelia Earhart.