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Milions threatened with starvation

By Brenna C.
Texas, Age 14

Imagine you are a young kid in Africa, maybe at the age of 5. You have pretty much no fat on you. You are just skin and bones, literally. You are living your life one painful day at a time not knowing if the next day will come. You are just sitting in the dirt waiting, waiting for someone to help. Maybe some unselfish person will come along that is from a place where they live in houses that have warm showers and beds and carpet and toilets that you flush, a place like America. But there is no use in even dreaming about that because itís just a fantasy and after living everyday hungry you know by now that that will never happen. The only thing that is worth thinking about is how you will keep you and your family alive and how you will get your food next but still ending up going to bed with an empty, growling stomach, just dying one day at a time.
When I was at Creation Fest, which is a concert, the speakers there were talking about poverty in Africa. A man that lived in Africa his whole life and was sponsored came on stage and told us about how crucial his life was before he was sponsored. One of the stories he told us was about how he went looking for food with his sister. They walked for miles and miles to find nothing. His sister was sister was very depressed and no longer had the energy to look further, so she sat down in the dirt. He was determined to find his sister some food. He looked around and saw a truck full of bananas so he got all his energy and ran after it. He jumped on the back and stole a couple of bananas and then went back to his sister. When she saw those bananas in his hand she looked at him with gratitude. He couldnít even explain the happiness in her eyes.
About 20 % of African children die before the age of 5. 2,500 die each day in Africa alone from starvation ( Tons of children are also orphans. They have practically no one to help. They have to learn to take care of themselves. Just think what it would be like to be a 5 year old not able to be a kid because you have to worry about finding food all the time. Everyday the Africans are in a war with hunger.
Americans are so lucky to have a nation that is not unable to get food. We have homeless people and people in poverty but our government tries to help them especially kids. America would never allow a kid to sleep on the streets about to die. There are plenty of places for them to go like orphanages and homeless shelters. There they will be fed and given a family but in Africa this rarely ever happens.
Another thing that was at Creation Fest was a booth with an organization called Compassion International ( You can go there and sign up to sponsor a kid in Africa. Itís really not that expensive. Only about a dollar a day can save a kid in Africaís life. Just think what a difference it would make if everyone in America just sponsored one kid.