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The Effect Of The Oil Spill

By Harold B.
Washington, Age 15

Imagine your home drenched in oil, your food and hunting ground have been affected by oil. You can no longer eat nor live in that environment because of the disaster the oil has caused. Well thatís probably how the fishes, crabs and other sea creatures that lived at the Gulf of Mexico felt after the oil spill. Now imagine the impact on human life in the gulf?
\one of the horrifying facts is that the national wildlife federation reports that already more than a 150 threatened or endangered sea turtles are dead. And 316 sea birds, mostly brown pelicans and northern gannets have been found dead along the gulf coast as a result of the spreading oil (1). These creatures will more than likely never recover from these loses.
Also as officials continue to carry out cleanup effort from the deadly April 20th BP oil spill, one thing is clear; Mexico's gulf coast spill is one of the worst in history .
Then if the leaks arenít repaired soon the BP spill may overtake the Iconic Valdez tragedy in volume. The size of the spill is 60,000 barrels of oil believed to be gushing from the spill (Business week). Researches from other websites are already proving this oil spill is the worst ever.the effects of the oil spill on wildlife are cases like, birds become easy prey as their feathers being matted by oil makes them less able to fly away. Also birds loose weight as their metabolism tries to combat low body temperature. Birds become dehydrated and can starve as they give up or reduce drinking, diving and swimming to look for food.
Furthermore effects of the oil spill on environment include damage to fish eggs , larvae and young fish, stress, decrease in the thickness of egg shells, contamination of beaches where turtles breed causing contamination of eggs, adults turtles or newly hatched turtles, poisoning of young through the mother, as a dolphin calf can absorb oil through its motherís milk .
Lots of efforts have been made to clean up the oil spill and keep it from spreading 50,000 thousand barrels. Heavy mud has been used as a method of stopping the flow of the leaking oil.
Fishermen have been frustrated due to the fact that the oil is spreading. Fishermen will have to wait much longer to fish the Gulf of Mexico, and they are forced to keep their boats idle.
Oil contamination and all of the oilís risks have closed Louisiana's fishing grounds and oyster beds. Therefore this giant oil spill has made a huge impact on the environment, wildlife and the people.
I believe the BP spill is way more destructive to the environment as plant could not grow. The Valdez spilled oil on top of the ocean; the BP spill flowed from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. The Valdez impacted wildlife, environment and people for a few years while the BP oil spill will impact everything within its reach for decades.
I hope I hope Exxon Valdez and British Petroleum compensates all factor involved in this tragedy, the people, environment and wildlife have suffered enough.