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Scientist Finds a New Continent

By Diana A.
North Carolina, Age 10

A scientist found a new continent on January 23, 2008. The new continent was found in the Atlantic Ocean. She heard that a new continent was forming and she wanted to know if it was true.
“I saw this big island with humongous treetops.” explained Scientist Diana Arceo. “The island’s shore wasn’t covered with rocks! I could drive the ship to shore.” explained Caption Windershins. The scientist decided to explore the island. Professor Tidd preferred that he would have to go with the scientist just in case.
After research for the Professor Tidd. Diana who founded the continent was glad to name it Fun Island. Which she would start building houses and fun games.
She adopted lots of orphaned children and gave each one a home. “The population of my continent made the children very happy and millions of families come every year!” Diana shouted.