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Terrible Tuesday

By Mackenzie A.
Virginia, Age 11

Terrible Tuesday 9\11
It was Tuesday September 11th 7:30 am. All was fine in the great city known as New York but No one was prepared for what was going to happen in the next 2 and half hours. 8:00. All you could hear was the sound of fire trucks and ambulances and people screaming for their lives. The twin towers have caught on fire by what appears to be a bomb is what all the news reporters said? 8:45. The first plane to hit the Twin Towers caught the upper floors under fire. Hundreds of people already killed. No one knew this was what was going to happen to our beautiful state. 9:15. the second plane crashes into the second tower. people are starting to get an idea here. Terrorists attack. 2 planes are reported to have been hijacked they were coming from Boston to Los Angeles. Both pilots are reported dead. President Bush at a school as this tragic event unfolds before our eyes. Both of the planes coming from Boston to La went off course and were found coming towards New York. The first of the planes hitting the top floors that was higher on the first tower. The second plane hitting just below the ones that was on the second towers. 9:50 a-bomb has hit the pentagon. Before you could say plane a horrific blast went off a plane had hit the pentagon. 3 planes have been reported as hijacked all the pilots’ dead Along with thousands of hundreds of people. After the second plane all Flights were being told to go to Canada. After this the white house was being evacuated though the President still on his flight. 9:59 the second tower collapses a nearby pedestrian who was still evacuating the building says, “You could hear the windows rattling, you could feel the building rumble, you could smell and taste the horrific smoke that arose the building” as the Medical personal arrive many people look back as their lives crumble down to nothing As Fire Fighters risk their lives for the lives of others. 10:25 am the 4th plane hit Pennsylvania the passengers on the plane killed the hijackers even though the pilot was already dead. The plane crashed in shanks Ville, Pennsylvania. 4 planes hijacked. All pilots dead all hijackers dead what has become of our great nation people have so much sin that it has come to this people killing each for so called rewards My Father Chris Arnold and Christ In Action went to New York for three weeks to serve meals to people who lost their homes in this tragic event. My mother’s friend Tracy Egbert’s Husband Ralph Egbert is serving in Iraq. Think of all the people that lost loved ones in each building or the ones crushed under the debris. The Pentagon now has a memorial park with 144 benches each one stands for the 144 people killed at the pentagon. Think of all the people whose children come home without Mom or Dad I myself think only at 11 how sad it would be to lose my parents how sad it would be to not have a mom or dad to say I love you to I’m sure at one point or another we tell our parents we hate them but when you really stop and think how would life be without Mom or Dad thinking about this made me cry just think that if we could have peace in the world we might have all of our loved ones here with us Our Troops are over their fighting in Iraq for our peace. A friend told us that we claim Psalm 91 over them I believe that our troops are doing what God has called them to do. That instead of having them all come home like some of the idiots in the world believe that we should be sending more people to Iraq If we don’t think what cold happen Terrorists might decide to attack again what if it’s more than just planes. What if next time it’s you or your friends and family being reported dead? The world is a scary place shouldn’t we try to make it as peaceful as possible.