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End of the Summer Party Gone Wrong

By Olivia L.
Michigan, Age 13

Who knew an end of the summer party could turn into such a mess? It had been a normal summer for Melinda Sordino who lives in Syracuse, New York. Her best friend at the time Rachel got her into an end of the summer party. Melinda and Rachel were going into ninth grade at Merryweather High; the other people at the party were juniors and seniors. There was alcohol at the party and Melinda was curious so she tried some and ended up drunk. She wandered into the woods and saw an older guy, Andy Evans, who to her looks like a Greek god.
He catches her off guard and attacks her. She is so frightened she doesnít know what else to do besides call the police. The police show up and the party ends on a awful-misunderstood-sour note because there was alcohol. No one knew the real reason why Melinda called the police and she didnít share the real reason with anyone. She lost all of her friends and every one no matter if she knows them or not hates her. Most of her school year turns out to be awful. She had to face not having any friends at all to having one.
Her one friend, Heather, ditched her for the Marthaís and again she was alone. From time to time she would run into Andy Evans, she wanted to tell someone what happened but she canít find anyone to trust.
Her art teacher could sense something was wrong and let her know if she needs someone to talk to he is always there. By the end of Laurie Halse Andersonís book Speak Melindaís life returns to normal and she becomes a much happier person.