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Big Decisions

By Irma F.
Washington, Age 15

48 million. This is how many abortions that have killed people. Thinking whether or not to keep your baby? Well one option is to keep your baby which would come with being careful, responsible, and knowing right from wrong. It could also change your whole life; stop you from having fun, being with friends, and missing all your high school activities. Abortion, on the other hand, comes with its own ups and downs. You could party like crazy, go to the movies without a worry in the world and be child-free, and with thisÖ depression, guilt, shame, thoughts of suicide, self harm and at times, even death. Time to make your decision.
Youíre 16 years old, you take a pregnancy test. ďYesĒ is shown on the read. You think about everything that youíre going to miss as you grow up with your baby. Prom, all the school activities, the road trips, the clubs, movies, parties, everything all gone. You start thinking about what you should do and ďABORTIONĒ is all thatís in your mind. Itís against your religion; your parents wonít allow it. Youíre not ready for the restless nights, the responsibilities, none of it. Should you kill your baby, or see her/him grow up?
Why must abortion be a very easy and popular option for teens? Itís only because they arenít ready to be a mother, canít afford it, or because they donít want their whole life changes for their own mistake. According to the people who are against abortion, itís murder. They say, ďA fetus is a human life and abortion is the intentional ending of that life and therefore, no different that murder.Ē how can any teen get pregnant accidentally? They have the benefit of a sex education class, easy access to contraceptives, but teenagers continue to act irresponsible when it comes to it.
If youíre considering having an abortion, here are some long and short term side effects that will come with your decision. Short term side effects include excessive bleeding, abdominal swelling, pelvic infection, uterine perforation, cervical tears, incomplete abortion, vomiting, diarrhea, and at times, death. Here are some long term side effects. Self harm, suicide, increase in dangerous activities, depression, difficulty sleeping, codependent, abusive parenting, overprotective parenting At least you now know what youíre putting yourself and your body into. Out of 48 million+ people that have died and are still dying so why would you risk it?
Abortions are so popular now in these days for teenagers. I would be pleased if we could get more laws passed to at least try to stop abortions. We can try to have the governments and religions to enforce laws around the world to help prevent as much abortions as possible. Even require parentís permission and supervision in order to have an abortion and even prescriptions, doctor permission to get abortion pills. This could help get everything started to help lower and/or stop abortion operations.