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The War on Obesity

By Caleb Ruth Julia W.
Texas, Age 12

The War on Obesity

The war on obesity is grave because of fast food products that have a lot of carbs, sugar, and grease. Many people become obese every year and get many health problems that can cause severe consequences that can last a life time. As the war of obesity goes on so does the lives of many people. If we could stop obesity then we could save many lives and loved ones. This is battle between food and man who fight to the end.

Technology and fast food are a major problem for a lot of obese people. Ways that we can help these people are by enforcing exercise. One of the main causes of obesity is the way people eat. They start going to eat McDonalds and then they keep going and going to the restaurant until they canít see their toes.

We have researched, and we have discovered that new problems have been found in obesity, including the already obvious health problems like being overweight. The new problems are you now could possibly lose your eyesight, from being overweight. Being overweight and have obesity is now a lot worse .This is a problem that needs to be solved. Why wonít this stop?
All of these little things are terrible itís not good. Fast food restaurants are putting a lot of sugar, grease, and carbs into their food, and itís unhealthy, but more people are starting to go on diets, though not everyone. The big problem is many people eat out every night and everyday at a fast food place. Where they gain pounds, you just canít stop eating the fast food. People need reminders that being healthy is better than fast food.
There is so much we can do for them like encouraging them to get on a diet. The only way that obesity is going to stop if people know healthy and happy is better than overweight and lazy. Itís bad no one should be like this. If we donít make a change in the peopleís lives weíll be a mess, it wonít work. We have to let the fast food everyday stop itís not worth it. The war on obesity has left many scarred, and many severe consequences when will this war stop?