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Scaffold collapse, injuring nine

By Anthony S.
Florida, Age 9

Construction workers and workers families are baffled and shocked after a scaffold holding nine people collapsed last Friday leaving all nine including a fifteen year old boy with minor injuries, other workers have no clue to what happened
While finishing a commercial construction job in the Palm Coast area, workers say they heard a loud crash and when they went to see where the crash came from, it was a wreck, when the scaffold collapsed it sent the nine workers falling almost forty feet to the ground. The incident raised a lot of suspicion and questions about the scaffold equipment, most of the workers said the equipment was old and should have been replaced a long time ago, and if they knew that that would have led to disaster they would have replaced the equipment and something like this would not have happened in the first place.
We spoke to the nine workers at there homes, they said that there recovering well and on Monday they will complete the commercial job and move on to another construction job but that incident will remain in there minds every time they go out to a job.