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Coach vs. Parents

By Brandi H.
California, Age 6

Tuesday April 8 2003-Softball fiercer than ever is forcing police to arrest parents for aggressive behavior this might even comes to banning parents from their own kid’s softball games. Parents are not only aggressive they are pushy. Pushing the kids beyond their limit can lead to emotional or physical breakdowns.

In late January of 2001 a parent went too far and threatened to kill the coach. It is a shame that the parent has gotten so competive that it came down to that. He was held in jail for 45 days. He was held there for attempted murder. He can never go to a children’s sporting event ever again.

Once a fun recreational sport softball has become violent and stressful. Kids being pushed to their limit. Zach Z. a little league player said “Theres a lot of pressure to do the best you can”. Kids are feeling pressure to succeed and soon the wrongs of softball will be righted!

The families of softball players everywhere should alter their actions. Be supportive towards them but don’t try to make them perfect. Let them progress at their own rate and most of all give them suggestions.