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Amelia Earhart

By Lonnie G.
Arizona, Age 11

In addition to her position at Transcontinental Air Transport, Amelia accepted a public relations job with Pennsylvania Railroad. Along with Eugene Vidal and Paul Collins, Amelia formed the New York, Philadelphia, and Washington Airway Corporation, an airline that offered hourly round-trip service between the cities, in the spring of 1930. Amelia set the women's world flying speed record of 181.18 mph (July). She became vice president of Ludington Lines, a commercial airline that had its inaugural flight on September 1, 1930. Her father, Edwin Ear hart, fell very ill and Amelia went to visit him in September. He died of stomach cancer later that month. Amelia acquired her transport pilotís license in October. She accepted George Putnamís proposal of marriage, and in November she and George attained a marriage license in Noank, Connecticut. She became the first woman to fly an autogiro in the United States on December 14, 1930.