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Child Labor

By Heather D.
Canada, Age 11

Millions of children are still being illegally used for child labor. Children from the ages of five to fourteen are working in dirty carpet factories. These unfortunate children work from dawn to dusk with little or no rest and a limited supply of food. The cruel Masters work the children very hard and often they are beaten when they misbehave. The scrupulous masters give the children little or no pay. When the day is done the master will check their work and if they have not done enough they would most likely get beaten. Most child laborers are indentured servants; this means that their family has a debt to be paid. But the adult could not pay off the debt so their poor children would have to pay it off. To pay it off the children would have to work until it was paid off.
In our class we are reading a book called Iqbal. Iqbal is a boy who has been brutally forced into child labor. He may be quiet but he is certainly not shy. The first day that Iqbal came to Housane Khans dirty carpet factory he was chained to his old loom. All the other children in the old carpet making factory wondered why he was chained there. They soon all found out. Iqbal was talking to the other children one night and he suggested that they run away and leave Housane Khan. The next week he ran away, he ran through the city and met a man in a clean white shirt. This man was from the BLLF that means the bonded Labor Liberation Front. He helped all the children and he set them all free and helped them find their families.
Lots of children have been taken away from their cruel Masters and returned to their families but many are still suffering. The incidence of child labor in the world decreased from 25 to 10 percent between 1960 and 2003Help the children that are being mistreated they are mentally, physically, emotionally abused. They need help and you can help them.