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Falcons Undefeated Seson for Track

By Hope R.
Michigan, Age 13

I am Hope Rogers writing about the Constantine Middle school 7th and 8th grade boys and girls that play in track and they are undefeated. Constantine Middle School is almost done with track and they are undefeated. Any of the cities that come to our school to go for track get beat but sometimes they can pull a fast one to wipe past us. Some cities that they face are Three Rivers, Sturgis, Mendon, Kalamazoo Christian, and White Pigeon. The boys are undefeated and the girls pull right behind them with a winning place. They go around to there places and face them their not always at home. We do this is because so kids can have something to do and something that they like to do. What it is we have a track where you can to field events and other runs around the track. This is about the Constantine Middle School Track Undefeated.