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American Millionaire Buys London Bridge

By Ikram M.
Canada, Age 12

Citizen’s Begin Protesting Riots Prior To The Plans of Demolishing the Bridge

American millionaire John Anderson buys a London bridge with the intentions of breaking it down. When questioned he replies, “After I demolish this bridge I will send the best construction workers in the country to create a brand new bridge, one more sturdy and more dependable” However the citizens of London are not entirely happy with this arrangement, actually they have organized a protest saying that the bridge does not need to be taken down and is in perfect condition. When I queried what appears to be the leader of the protests she said “It’s our country Americans have no right to knock down our monuments, how would they like it if we tried to destroy the Statue of Liberty?” Though many citizens disapprove, there are a few that agree with Anderson. Martha Grover said “Well I think the change might be healthy maybe afterwards we can focus on the things that are falling about like this old bridge” No matter the criticism Anderson is determined to fulfill his procedure and even says the minute those “hooligans” leave he will put his plans into action. Even though the protesters do not seem to be leaving anytime soon. In fact when the protesters heard Anderson was unaffected by their complaints they started riots. When I questioned Sara Milton the leader of the rioters she gave no comment. Anderson was not rifled by these riots; instead he calmly went to Tony Blair the Prime Minister. Anderson declares that he rightfully owns the bridge and doesn’t need the citizens’ approval to tear it down. When Blair was questioned he agreed with Anderson and is going to get the police to arrest those in charge of the uprising.