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The Election, and How It Effects Us

By Douglas S.
Tennessee, Age 7

Have you ever wondered how the election effects kids? Well, you may think that it has nothing to do with us because with us because we can't vote yet. If you think that, then you are very wrong. The election has everything to do with us. I will explain the many reasons why it effects us.

First of all, the candidates each have a platform, or the basic ideas of that party. Each platform has a section pertraining to education. For example, the Republican platform states that they want to take strict disciplinary action on any student disrupting class, even those with disabilities. If this candidate gets elected, the disciplinary system in your school may change. If you disrupt class, you may find yourself pulled from class.

Another way it effects us is the way the candidates will change the economy. Most kids have grandparents who use social security. If George Bush is elected, he will lower social security payments, wich effects your grandparents.

Another big way it effects us is taxes. If one candidate raises taxes, you may find that your allowlance (if you get one) will be decreased. If they raise taxes, your allowlance may be raised.

These are the many ways that the election will effect us, and it is very important, so don't think that it isn't.