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What's Happening to the Animals?

By Iva M.
Michigan, Age 10

Before humans arrived animals used to roam the earth freely. But, what's happening to all those free, earth-roaming animals? They're being killed. Whether it's for pure sport or for getting them out of all the construction sites where malls are built.
Before extinction animals get listed as endangered. How do animals become endangered? Most animals become endangered by habitat destruction, disease, and pollution. Habitat destruction is when humans start forest fires or when humans start building malls, hotels, houses, and schools on places where animals live. Diseases like rabies and canine distemper are also killing animals. The last reason is pollution, humans littering in rivers and killing fish or human littering in forests and killing many small animals.
How can we help endangered species? By taking small steps we can save many animals from extinction. We can conserve habitats by, not littering in forests, rivers, national parks, and many other places where animals live. Make some space in your backyard where animals are safe, build birdhouses in your yard. One of the simplest ways is to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The best way to save animals is to make your voice heard.
What if you’re just a kid? Even if you’re a kid you can still save animals. Draw pictures, and then send it along with a short letter to a Representative or Senator. Write letters to Representatives and Senators. Learn about an endangered species and tell others about it. Just be creative, whether you’re doing a play for your neighborhood or giving friends and family flyers.
By helping all these animals that are near extinction, we can make a difference. Just by doing things like writing letters and drawing picture we can stop extinction.