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True Beauty

By Lulu L.
Arizona, Age 12

True Beauty Isn�t in Your Outside Appearance
Today's teenage girls are suffering of an eating disorder called Anorexia. The case of Anorexia is bigger than before. You see more teenage girls suffering of this. This can happen when you are worrying about your weight and you don�t eat and skip meals. Teenage girls are thinking to themselves �Well if I skip a few meals I will lose weight and look more beautiful than before�. Well they are wrong. Beauty is in the inside not the outside. Teenage girls are not looking more beautiful if they lose a lot of weight, they are hurting themselves. Teenage girls have to learn how to have self esteem. Looks don�t really matter. The things that matter are, your personality, self esteem, and your attitude. Some teenage girls have anorexia because they see other girls and say �ugh I want to be like her�. But what they don�t know is that they are beautiful already. Some girls look at models. Some models are very skinny, more than they should be.
The Truth
Teenage girls, those have anorexia vomit the food they eat. This happens because the body is used to not eating. Teenage girls that are anorexic look at themselves as fat. But what they really don�t know is that they are very skinny. Maybe they are skinnier than they should be. Some teenage girls don�t know what they are getting into. Some girls recover of this eating disorder. Others are too weak and too skinny that they don�t have the strength to do anything. There have been a lot of deaths because of this eating disorder.
Get Help
Some teenage girls do this but they think vomiting food and not eating is normal. This can be normal but up to a point. These girls should get help. It is okay. There are many organizations that help people having this eating disorder. They should know that they can get help. They can get better. Teenage girls that have this eating disorder should know that they are not alone. Beauty is in the inside not in your outside appearance!