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McFlurries, Cowboys, and Me

By Camila S.
Texas, Age 11

I unwrapped my McDonald’s burger, licked my lips, and sunk my teeth into it. Yum. My mom handed me my soda and I blew bubbles through the straw. She rolled her eyes at me and I giggled in response. I finished my meal in the blink of an eye, so I went for my favorite dessert: A McFlurry. A delicious combination of vanilla ice cream plus chocolate chunks and caramel equals bliss. I was about to take my first spoonful of Heaven when out of the blue, the weirdest thing happened. A miniature cowboy catapulted into my cup, sending ice cream flying all over my face and shirt. A huge bear followed, squashing my Coke and splashing it over the coat of ice cream I had on me. That’s when I blacked out.
I woke up in my bed at home. My mother came in and waved a newspaper in my face. I groggily picked it up and started reading.
Yesterday, Friday, September 2, 2011, there was a riot at the McDonald’s on San Isidro. It started as a typical day at a fast food place. At about 3:30, the kids started pouring in, looking for after school lunch. The restaurant was filled with people. Everyone was bustling and business was rising. While happy customers munched on their burgers and nuggets, no one suspected something bizarre would occur. But. At exactly 4:oo, a boot crashed through the window, shattering it into a million pieces. A miniature, one foot tall cowboy hurled itself through the hole and bounced off someone’s burger. Complete pandemonium rose in the restaurant. Tripping over baby strollers and tables, he hurdled into a blind, pudgy elderly man named Mr. Potato Head. “What? What on earth is going on? Who are you?” he states his comments on the chaos. “Go away, you stalker! All I know is that something crashed into me.” The cowboy now recognized as Woody from the Toy Story movies, hopped onto the counter, pointed at the broken window, and hollered, “YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME!” He kicked the cash register over and scurried into a happy meal box. All of a sudden, a giant, purple bear bounded in through the window. It roared mightily while people ran in all directions, screaming for help. The bear tore down the play area, angrily searching for Woody and calling out “COME BACK TO SUNNYSIDE!” Woody leaped out of hiding and darted out the window where he came in. The bear knocked down the soda machine, squirting a rainbow of different-colored sodas all over the restaurant and soared out the window, chasing after Woody.
People still can’t comprehend what happened. What were they? How did they come? Are they aliens? Are they monsters? Or are they just proof of…..EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE! (GASP) We will never know. So folks, keep a sharp eye out. Things like this certainly don’t happen every day.
I finished reading the article and put the newspaper down.
“I don’t believe it,” I told my mom. “It’s just WAY too impossible. This is all just a crazy, twisted dream and I’m about to wake up from it. Then, I can email my best friends and tell them all about it. I will wake up…NOW!” I pinched myself, but nothing happened. Right. I was already awake.
Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move. I whipped around and gaped. Woody the cowboy was at my bedroom window. He waved, winked at me, and leaped out of sight.

You have just experienced another phenomenon conjured up by the fabulous Camila S.!!!
Hey, thanks for reading!:)