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Sirius Black and Buckbeak Rescued!

By Jackson B.
Michigan, Age 12

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger go back in time to save the day!

Harry Potter and Hermione Granger risked their lives yesterday, making a heroic rescue deep within the Forbidden Forest. This rescue saved the lives of both Sirius Black and Hagrid’s Hippogriff Buckbeak. Black, accused of crimes that he did not commit, faced the Dementor’s Kiss, a fate worse than death. Buckbeak also faced execution after accidentally injuring a student who had provoked the Hippogriff.

Ms. Granger, the bearer of a time-turning device in a form of an hour-glass shaped necklace, has the ability to travel in time. By turning it back three turns, the equivalent of three hours, they were transported to the past.

Once there, they were able to rescue Buckbeak while the execution party was inside Hagrid’s hut. This allowed Hagrid to remain innocent of any blame in the creature’s escape.

From there Ms. Granger and Mr. Potter flew on Buckbeak’s back to the tower. Black, imprisoned in the tower, had wrongly been accused of killing many people, and betraying Mr. Potter’s parents. It is discovered during prior events it was not Black, but indeed Peter Pettigrew who was responsible for the crimes at hand. Once having rescued Black, Ms. Granger and Mr. Potter returned to Hogwarts.

Last seen of Black and Buckbeak, Black was riding on Buckbeak’s back, both innocent and free from terrible fates, thanks to the heroic deeds of Ms. Granger and Mr. Potter.