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The problem with education dropping out

By Jaden D.
Washington, Age 15

Pretend you are a high school student, you know youíre not the greatest at school but you still enjoy going. The next day you walk in the door to see your parents sitting at the table, and on the table there is a little white envelope, your failing all your classes, the envelope was your report card. You donít really know why youíre failing, you understand what it is your doing in school but regardless you are still failing. You start to think of all the possible reasons you could be failing, you start with math, reason one, you donít show all of your work. If you can get the answer in youíre mind you still have to show your work, but you think it makes since because if you donít show all of your work there all ways the chance that you copied off of some on else or you donít fully understand what youíre doing. The people that donít understand arenít the problem, they are trying to learn and in doing that they show their work, itís the people that should be in a more advanced class so they do the work in their mind, they are the one that are failing.
ďThe percentage of high school dropouts has decreased since the 1960ísĒ. (U.S. Dept. of Education1). The total percentage of dropouts in the 1960ís to 1970ís was 27.2%, 27.8% was male, 26.7% was female. Since then rates have lowered about 17%, but the majority is still male. In about 1970 the Womenís Liberation Movement made it possible for more women to go to school and get the proper education so that they could be a doctor or an airline pilot, and other jobs with higher income. ďIn 1970ís woman had a higher dropout rate due to the fact that it was the first year that they were have to be serious with what they learned and what there job would be, they had to focus harder, when the woman started to go to school, the men started to drop out more.Ē (U.S. Dept. of Education, 1).
ĒIn 2006 the total percentage of high school dropouts was 9.3%, 10.3 of that was male, and 8.9 was femaleĒ. .Ē (U.S. Dept. of Education, 1). The rate went from about 27% to 9%, so thereís about an 18% difference in 40 years. Thatís a good difference for how many people were dropping out. People are dropping out for different reasons now. The most popular reason now is gangs. With gangs comes crime, drugs, and death by the time these kids are 18, there either dead or hyped up on drugs and just donít go to school and half of the time there in jail. The other main reason is there just not doing well in school. ďIn 2007 there was a study about the race/ethnicity of high school dropout students. They found that the rates varied from Hispanics and Whites. Among white students 6.0% was male 4.55 was female. 24.7% were male Hispanics and 18.0% were female HispanicsĒ. (U.S. Dept. of Education, 7).
ďThe main reasons for dropping out in 2006 were gangs, family matters, and some of the kids just simple didnít like school. The kids in gangs and the kids that donít like school were more so directed to the male populationĒ.(, 1) As a guy I know how it is when you get a bad grade on something because you didnít explain your reasoning. The way guys think is that if we get the right answer we should get all of our points, I understand having to explain your reasoning in something like science or English because you have to have facts to back up whatever youíre talking about.
In our society we allow people to drop out of high school just because they donít like it. Why we allow this is beyond me, but now people or dropping out because of gangs. Why donít we get the law enforcement involved? If we get the law involved then we can crack down on gangs and eliminate all most all of the drop out reasons there are other reasons to drop out but the gangs are the major reason. And how about instead of dropping out and settling for the first job you find that will hire you, just go to school get the education you need to get the job that give you $100,000 a year.