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Griffins, True or False

By Jamie L.
Canada, Age 10

Griffins the mythical or genuine creature? What are these ferocious creatures you might ask well they can be recognized to have a strong body of a lion and the majestic head and wings of an eagle. Sometimes they include a large snake tail. Karen feels that the idea of a griffin sounds scary but magical. Thirty percent of people questioned thought that griffins were real others didn’t agree, and a group of people even wished they were real. So what is the real story? Well your about to find out.
There is no proof that anyone has ever seen a griffin, the very first picture however was in the 15th century BC in the throne room at the Bronze Age at the Palace of Knossos. This picture was ordered to be drawn by Arthur Evens so that it could protect the palace. Many people were exited to learn about the griffin because the lion was thought to be the top ground animal and the eagle was the top sky animal so together they were the guardian of the palace. Scott say’s “The eagle is the ultimate raptor and the lion is the ultimate predator and together they define fear”
The griffin also includes four large claws on each foot and pointy ears that are sometimes feathered. Bryan believes that using today’s technology it would be difficult but still possible to genetically mix a lion with an eagle to get a griffin. Griffins are thought to be very useful because they would dig up gold and different treasures which they would use to make their nests. These animals are also thought to be the protector of evil and witchcraft. So what do you think are griffins the mythical of genuine creature?