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Food Poisoning

By Camille, Sara, Taylor J.
Texas, Age 12

Food poisoning can be very dangerous, especially to younger children. In Peru, three kids tragically died due to it. This is a very serious problem. Food poisoning caused about twenty-three thousand illnesses in 2008, and this is just the beginning of it. Many foods have been recalled. Jensen farms cantaloupe is very poisonous. Eight people are left dead, and fifty-five are being hospitalized. Even though cantaloupe is delicious, I would not risk my life eating that fruit.
About three hundred elementary and middle school students were sickened in China. Seven people in Vancouver were immediately sent to the emergency room, on a late Friday evening. The illnesses were caused by terrible tuna. Kids are likely to get food poison because most are not picky.
Food poisoning can occur when foods is not washed thoroughly. Other bacteria come in foods if the water is not clean or treated. Some people are poisoned by undercooked. Pre-prepared food, like hot pockets, may be not cooked properly in result of poisoning. Many bacteria’s enter the body.
The most common bacteria found in food poisoning are salmonella and listeria. Salmonella is a type of a bacteria that is found in raw food or if they’re not cooked well. Listeria is found in pre-prepared food and it causes headaches, aches, and pains. These bacteria’s are dangerous to babies and to elders. Salmonella and listeria can be treated with antibiotics.
There have been many indescribable tragedies happening all over the world. A number of them have been caused by incredibly terrible food poisoning. Some deaths and many people left ill. We need to be aware with what we eat. You should always watch the news to be updated on the most recent food poisoning accidents. Our prediction is that more and more people will be poisoned throughout the year.