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You Should Play Ice Hockey

By Jeremy L.
New Jersey, Age 5

You should play ice hockey because you'll have plenty of fun. You'll meet many new friends. You'll see many new places. You'll be a genius in geography.

You should just have fun playing, except for losing a game you should have won. Also, if you accomplished being captain of your team, you'll feel great.

You shoud also play ice hockey because you'll have strong legs. You'll be very fast. You'll be an expert at sports.

You'll be also strong all over. You'll have strong legs. You'll have strong arms in football.

Who knows, you may even be an all-star! You'll be richer than anyone. Any team will want you on their bench. You'll sign many contracts and be the talk of the town.

You could also own a giant mansion. When you spend a night at a hotel, you can get room service for free. You might be in the Hall of Fame in Canada. You might be in the all-star game.

This is why you should play ice hockey.