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Parties vs. Beliefs

By Bryan W.
California, Age 7

On November 7th the nation will know who the next president is. Everybody knows it is going to be Gore or Bush, but why. Many say it will be because the winner has better plans, or is smarter than the other. You may think this, but where would they be if they were in a third party? They would be the same person, but they would get a very small percent of the votes. The nation should not have parties.

Many people vote for along party lines even if they feel there is a better candidate. I think that without parties 3rd party candidates will be equal with republicans and demicrats. Basically, if you are not in a main party you will not win the presidentcy. Why? This is because when the constitution was developed some were for it, and some were against it. Now, these parties are only here because they are tradition in our country, like electoral votes. The parties disagree with eachother just because they are in opposite parties. Parties would not be around if it were not for issues hundreds of years old. It is very silly. People vote for one candidate because he was born into a family which supported issues hundrerds of years ago.

In some states, such as Connecticut, you can only vote in the primary election if you are registered in a party. If you don't register in a particular party, you only can vote in the final election. When I first heard this I could not believe it. How is the primary different than the final election? What if you are a 19 year old registered citizen who decides you don't support one party or the other. Connecticut has a closed vote. Also in a closed election you can only vote for a candidate in your party. I think every state should have a blanket primary, which is where you can vote for anybody you wish. Vote for the best candidate, if that is your parties candidate or not.