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By Jacob L.
Michigan, Age 12

Students at some schools are ditching school because they no longer feel safe. Many schools across the globe do not have security cameras in their school. Don't feel surprised, as you probably don't have security cameras at your school either.
Bullies often strike ''Nerds'' or ''Dorks'', who, as you most likely know, are the, ''Uncool Crowd''. If you are picked on, you are most likely considered one of the two. Remember, just because you're not one of the ''geniuses'' of your class doesn't mean you're not smart. Or a dork. You're picked on because because of one of these three reasons:
1:So the bully feels better about themselves, making you look uncool, and him look better than you.
2:He (Or She) jealous that you are smarter than them, and cool. You, in that case, probably help the other cool kids (That DON'T pick on you and are your friends) with their homework, and they're grateful for it, making you cool.
3: He (Or she) is just plain mean.

When you are bullied, at some point, you will, 99.9% of the time, end up in a fight of some kind. It is at this point that one of two things: The bully really badly hurts you, or you prove to him he can ''trash talk'' you, but he can't beat you in a fight. this isn't the usual case, but if it is, the bully will most likely ''Back off'' and leave you alone, realizing you can easily hurt him.

The main point of this article is, that you don't need to be a kid to be a bully. Many employees at schools have taken advantage of the Principal or Superintendent's trust and gone behind their back to bully students. In fact, at one school, a student got a petition started to have the employee fired. In the few days that were available to the student, they got quite a few signatures before the employee took away the right to petition from that student. All involved people are anonymous. The student even had started another petition, with it eventually becoming trashed. It happened again with the ruined petition. Finally, the student gave up. Also, the student commented, ''She's broken the law once- reaching into a student's pocket to confiscate cards.'' That can be described as, ''Invasion of personal space.'' The student also said that the employee ''Strikes when no one's looking''. Also, when the matter was taken to the principal, the principal did not believe it and acted as if the cards were the only matter. This is the same with the student bullies. That is also why there should be security cameras at school.

This is yours truly, signing off. Good night and/or day.