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Homes for the Homeless

By Elaina Meghan C.
Massachusetts, Age 11

Es for the Homeless

Did you know that, every year about 10,000 animals are neglected, abused, and homeless? Animal shelters are helping by taking in stray and putting them up for adoption.

During April 19-25th it was National Adoption week for the U.S. This week was dedicated to animals without homes.

Around our nation, people have been adopting pets from their local animal shelters. Some people like, Ann Gaffuri, signed up for adoption and foster care. What her niece, Emma Regan, said about her aunt�s decision was, � It will be great because now he (the dog) will have a better life to live in a house and a new chance to have a family again!�

The shelter where Ms. Gaffuri adopted Snowy, her new poodle mix, was at the Quincy Animal Shelter located in Quincy Massachusetts. This shelter is a no kill shelter has foster cars adoption, and run by volunteers only. Adoptions are still available.