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Ways the average person can reduce garbage by

By Jesalyn R.
Washington, Age 14

In “1978, there were approximately 20,000 landfills in the US. By 1988, that number had dropped to 5,499. Currently the number (of landfills) stands at 3,091” . That’s a 16,909 decrease in 30 years (1978-2008). The reason the number of landfills has decreased is because people started recycling more of their garbage. Recycling has reduced the amount of garbage in the landfills and has reduced the number of landfills because not many were needed. By recycling and reducing the amount of garbage we produce we can become a “green” country.

Imagine you’re walking along the beach and watching the sunset, and you turn your head to the left because you hear laughing, and you see garbage. Garbage that has been washed up from the sea because of overfilled landfills, or because people are careless and leave it lying around.
If garbage get’s in the water ways it can harm the wildlife and nature which leads to “unbeautiful” areas and animals eating garbage or getting caught in it. “in 1997, Americans produced 340 million tons of municipal waste, which averaged 1.272 tons per person” (3). In one year that is a lot of waste for one person to produce. Just think about it, if we reduced this amount of waste by recycling, just think how much less waste would be produced in one year.
Pretend you’re hiking through Mt. Hood National Forest and you see garbage; wrappers, bags, water bottles and you wonder why people have littered in a National Forest. Littering can harm t he plants and animals living in the area, if you pick it up then the animals are less likely to eat it or become caught in it. Some parks have recycling bins, so instead of throwing your garbage on the ground, put it in your pocket and wait until you come to a recycling bin. If there is no bin for that item throw it in the garbage. This will make our world look cleaner and neater.
However, beaches and parks are not the only places affected by trash. Along the curbs on streets is garbage, maybe because people “drop” it or because of overfilled garbage cans. If families start recycling that will reduce the amount of garbage in a family’s garbage can. “The purpose- where I start- is the idea of use. It’s not recycling its reuse.” –Issey Miyake
Recycling keeps recyclable items out of overflowing landfills and is turned into something else; paper, plastic etc.
It’s not hard to reduce garbage. Some ways for the average person to help reduce garbage by recycling is instead of throwing things away, recycle them into the designated bins. You could also turn them into art projects for kids; turn empty soup cans into flower pots or turn a toothbrush into a bracelet. You could also start your own recycling system at home. All of these are ways to reuse things. So Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle!