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The Great Jellyfish Invasion

By Kalie O.
Missouri, Age 15

The Sea of Japan has recently been invaded by the Nomura jellyfish. Why people donít exactly know, but there is a theory on why they have invaded the Sea of Japan. Some people say it may be because of the change of the waters heat. Everyone knows about global warming right?! Well thereís a theory that because of global warming the water has heated up and itís perfect for jellyfish breeding grounds. This may be great for jellyfish yet itís not very good for fisherman. When the fisherman tries to catch fish in their nets, they canít because the jellyfish get in the net and kills a large amount of the fish. The fishermen donít have any fish to catch cause of these amazing large creatures that have invaded the Sea of Japan. Originally these jellyfish come from the yellow sea that is located near China.