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Creek Crossing Kickoff

By Elizabeth J.
Massachusetts, Age 11

Creek Crossing Kickoff!

On April 19, 2009, kids from all over Massachusetts rode horses in front of family and friends, in a Hingham stable, Creek Crossing Farm. Alyssa Trifone, barn manager and licensed riding instructor said, � Overall I loved the way the show went.�

The participants arrived at 9:00 to rally up the horses, and rode their hearts out. There were groups of one to three people riding at least eight horses. There were three judges, two instructors, and family of Alyssa helped with the food and clothes sales. �The riders did wonderful, and the parents where a big help,� said the barn manager.

A good sized audience crowded around the riding ring, and parents prayed that their child would do great. The barn ran the show to give more people a chance to show of their skills. The show was smaller so it would be a good place to start showing for people who have never been in a show.

During this event many people won and many people tried, and everyone had a good time.