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A Solution

By Jessica F.
Washington, Age 14

Imagine what it would be like if our earthly waters became filthy trash sites, how harmful would that be to the environment? For some our waters are all ready thought to be just land fills. They donít care what goes into it as long as they are not living it. From further research the United States EPA has warned that sewage levels in local rivers, could be back to the super-polluted levels of the 1970ís by the year 2016 (Grinningplanet, 1). We have the power to prevent this from becoming our future. So, why not leave our old history behind and start out clean?
It is estimated that, of the 40 tons of trash washed up on to our beaches each year, over 80% of it couldíve been recycled (lastormwater, 3)!
So, why do people choose to throw their garbage into the rivers, lakes and oceans, instead of tossing them into a near by trash can or recycle bin? Maybe this happens because; many waters in the U.S. are already polluted. Which allows residents to think a little more garbage will not make a difference. But, it does. For this reason, 40% of American rivers are too polluted for fishing, swimming or aquatic life (grinningplanet, 1). However, we can make this change at any time just by taking some simple steps and allowing ourselves and others to put in a helping hand.
For instance, picking up after our pets when we take them for a walk or when we play a simple game of catch outside. Much animal waste that runs off lawns and sidewalks sends harmful bacteria into the storm drain systems which then lead out into the ocean. Creating many problems for the fishes and swimmers in the oceans (lastormwater, 2). At the same time washing our cars on the lawn helps to also keep the chemicals from common detergents and washing ingredients, from entering the storm drain system and harming sea life.
In the same fashion, not littering and obeying the law really helps contribute to helping rivers, lakes and oceans stay clean. Everything that is dropped, tossed, spilled or discarded onto streets gutters will eventually make its way into the ocean (lastormwater, 3). In fact it was found that every year, at least 800,000 cigarette butts are picked up from our beaches by Coastal Cleanup Volunteers (lastormwater, 3). By following these simple steps we can allow our earthly waters to become their old sparkling beauties that they were once known as.
Our job is to take hold of our actions and help prevent our waters from becoming those filthy land sites which are a bad contribution to our earth. As we look back at some of the simple steps we can take action upon and help our waters to become clean and healthy for the environment. We need to also imagine not only how the earth will change if we make these changes to help prevent water pollution. But, how the world will be if we donít take these actions and help the lakes, rivers and oceans to become a great part of our environment and the world around us.