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Dragon Ball Z

By Jordan B.
Canada, Age 10

My article is about dragon ball z. Dragon ball z is this awesome show about marshal arts.Dragon ball z has these creators named Gohan Goku Goten and Trunks.Gohan and Goten are Gokus sons.they are called sayins because there dad Goku is from a planet cal planet Vegeta.before planet Vegeta was destroyed Gokus dad Bardock and his team of sayins were on a planet called planet canosa planet canosa is a planet that the beings on it can read minds.when the sayins destroyed all the creatures on planet canosa they celebrated.when bardock got back to planet canosa he saw his team there were dead. that is bacicley all i am going to tell you all about because this is an article to a story so look for my next artilcle.