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Why Bush is Better on the Gun Control Issue

By Michael M.
Louisiana, Age 7

I think that Bush’s beliefs in the gun control situation are the correct ones. Gun control is an important issue, because if we do not have or enforce our gun control laws, we could be putting guns in the hands of former criminals, minors, or people that are not of their sound mind. Right now, the United States has gun control laws, but we do not enforce them well enough. Gore thinks that we should make new gun control laws, but if the country does that, those laws probably will not be enforced either. If we don’t enforce gun control laws and let dangerous people obtain guns, the lives of the citizens of this country could be in jeopardy. Bush believes that we should enforce the laws so that minors cannot obtain a gun, and that past criminals cannot either. If the laws that we have now are enforced better, than the shootings in schools will go down, and the country’s crime rate will follow.