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Chuck Norris The King of all Explorers

By Damian W.
New York, Age 11

In a time when Chuck Norris was bored, he found ’‘The Lost City of Atlantis.’’ Here is how it all started. Chuck was watching some T.V on his 5,000 inch flat screen and then the unthinkable happened. He stumbled upon a boring commercial. He thought to himself that it would be a lot easier if he just went around the world and come back when there was no boring commercial. Chuck met the people from the movie ,’’300’’ and he said that he loved the movie but the only bad part was when the year really was from the year 300. He helped them win a war and he kicked them all off of a cliff. Chuck left and went to Rome and took a rest. He leaned on a tower and it almost toppled over and then people thought that it was an earthquake and that is the real story of the tower of Pisa. He went to England and ate a bad potato and looked like a zombie and then he spread a sickness , the bubonic plaque. He thought he was in for it that time and he didn’t want to get caught and blamed for everything he did so he jumped into the New England harbor. It was there he saw a gigantic bubble in the distance . He swam to check it out and then there it was -a giant bubble underwater. He somehow tied a rope around the giant bubble and he pulled it above sea level . He got all the credit for one thing he did and not for the ‘’other’’ stuff he did.